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Vicki Dooling

I was challenged by my sister a little over thirty years ago to get my Real Estate License. It took me a while to build up my nerve, but once I decided there was no turning back for me. I discovered quickly that I loved working with people and helping them find their home. Selling homes is definitely in my blood and I cannot imagine doing any other profession. I’m so blessed to have a family that understands the hours that I must sacrifice in order to have this career.

Over these years I met some remarkable people that have become very dear friends to me. I have traveled and trained sales people how to sell new homes, been a director of sales & marketing, plus I have won several awards in this industry.

My favorite thing to do is get in the car and travel north to Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma with my husband. This is the time that I really do get to slow down and relax. My husband is my best friend and together we love to travel. Together we have created many memories and more to come.

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