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In the early stages of my career I managed the data processing division of a large publicly traded marketing company for 9 years. I then decided to go out on my own and start my own marketing firm and managed it for another 9 years in NE. Eventually I sold it to the owner of my previous employer. I took a couple years off to make my next career choice and decided to fulfil my passion and try my hand at Real Estate.

I loved getting out from behind the computer and working with people helping to make their dreams come true on one of the largest financial decisions they will ever make. Helping them get the most for their current investment and using my years of marketing experience to help capitalize on their investments and purchases is rewarding for my clients and myself.

I love my job and the stress that comes with it. I love managing financial aspects to ensure a client gets the most from their investment. I love the social aspect of getting out and meeting people each week looking for homes. I get a thrill out of the negotiation process and I enjoy staging homes so they look great for showings. I’m often a financial advisor, counselor, problem solver, house cleaner, coordinator, open house worker, showing agent and more. I wear a lot of hats…which is what I love about the job. Every day is different. I also get to use my expertise as a marketer which is what has really driven my success I believe.

When I'm not helping families buy or sell property I love spending time outdoors, biking, tennis, paddle boarding, working in the yard with my fiance Joe. We're a happy brady bunch family with 2 kids of our own and 2 dogs!

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